* Protection against navgraha, nakshatra, vaastu & Nazar dosha
* Proven finest source of positive energy from ancient time.
Enriches our personal as well as professional life

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We have 2 models: Basic model and High-End model with lots of features and affordable pricing. This is remote operated and available with USB and SD card slots.

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Key Highlights

Positive energy, Peace, Prosperity, Astrological, Vaastu/Nazar Dosha & disease removing benefits.
Best usage of camphor, Sambrani & Guggal, user friendly. *IDEAL FOR GIFTING.*

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Electronic हवन Kund

This product is a miracle in itself. It can be a nerve soother to all who are a victim of modern days stress and anxiety. This is an innovative product first time ever in India which blesses you with positive effects of Havan, Mantras and Powerful Yantras all at a time.

Now, doing havan at homes/shops/office has become so easy, no need to run for wood and all other things for havan, just switch on the electric button and devote yourself to GOD.

It creates pollution free healthy and perfumed environment and also chants mantras continuously.

The Havan Kund gives the aroma aesthetic to sooth human mind along with recitation of the slokas.

It can also be used to perform your morning Aarti. The soft chants will purify the atmosphere in your house/shop/office. Just keep it ON in a low volume throughout the day and the gentle vibrations of the Mantras will produce good thoughts and bring peace in life. It helps in materialistic and spiritual progress at the same time.

Havan Kund is one of the most important part for the ritual. It’s a very sacred structure which communicates all our prayers to different deities. The structure itself generates energy to perform the ritual. The foremost among our ancient rituals is the ritual of Havan. Havan is a sacred ritual that has been in prominence in Hinduism and prevalent in a few other ancient cultures and religious groups in one way or the other. IT IS A RITUAL OF SACRIFICE- Sacrifice made to God. Havans are age-old sacred rituals to invoke and propitiate various energies for the attainment of various wishes and boons in the materialistic and the spiritual worlds as well.

Basic Model
CONTINUOUS Chants 9 mantras
Works On Normal Mains Voltage
Volume Control
Switch To Change the Mantra
Independent switch for Mantras and HAWANKUND
Auto thermo cut off to avoid any accident
High-End Model
Fully flexible with USB and SD card slot
Works On Normal Mains Voltage
Volume Control
Remote/ Manual Switch To Change the Mantra
Independent switch for Mantras and HAVANKUND
Auto thermo cut off to avoid any accident