Key Highlights

Positive energy, Peace, Prosperity, Astrological, Vaastu/Nazar Dosha & disease removing benefits.

Best usage of camphor, Sambrani & Guggal, user friendly. *IDEAL FOR GIFTING.*

  1. GAYATRI ELECTRIC HAVANKUND is Unique of its kind which Chants Ved mantras. The chanting of Ved mantras gives positive vibrations in the environment all around, which removes mental Tension. It brings MENTAL PEACE and SUKH & SMRIDHI
  2. It is real investment for overall prosperity in HOME & your workplace. It brings Good thoughts & Mental satisfaction in You & Your Home. It brings Materialistic progress in Business.
  3. It Is UNIQE GIFT for those to whom you Love really for their Prosperity & well Being.
  4. This is must for New Generation as they have the Right to know about the power of Daily Havan/Vedic Mantras. They must know our rich Sanskrity. Ved Mantras are capable to remove mental tension and prevent Depression in our life.
  5. It also makes possible to chant 1,25,000 MAHAMRITUNJAY (Mahamantra) or GAYATRY MAHAMANTRA for prosperity & keeps away all bad evils.
  6. This Havankund works on electricity.

Why this is made?…..the answer is the very busy & hectic lifestyle these days, that’s why we cannot spare time for daily havan properly, Now this Havankund makes possible for us to perform daily havan with mantrocharn.